When you are arriving in Cairo Airport you can use our reliable Airport Service! Our trusted driver will pick you up from the airport and will bring you to your accommodation in Cairo. In this way you do not have to go through any bargaining at the airport and you will arrive at your destination without any hassle.

Taxi in Cairo

In Cairo almost everyone uses the taxi. Simply stand at the side of the road and at the sight of an approaching taxi point one hand towards the road and the taxi will stop for you. Solo males should sit in the front seat next to the driver. It is customary for solo females to sit in the back seat. Once inside, name your specific destination and if he does not have a meter, agree on the price.

Metro in Cairo

The metro in Cairo is a very cheap and fast public transportation method. By getting a metro ticket for around 1 Egyptian Pound you can get almost everywhere in Cairo. The metro operates daily from about 5:30 am to half past midnight. There are 3 metro lines in Cairo that will get you to your destination:


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