About Reach Out

Reach Out Academy is a non-profit regional training and human resource development institute that, since its inception in 2008 has aspired to become one of the leading institutions in the region in training and professional development.
Its mandate is the design and delivery of academic and training development programs to help leverage skills and knowledge in various management, business, and technical fields.
Recognized as a center of excellence for cultural language exchange programs, steadily offers internships to native speakers of foreign languages,
while continuously evolving in to a regional learning hub that has been helping its students become language proficient world class managers and business professionals.
Reach out has trained over 50,000 professionals and has no less than seven thousand student enrollments per annum.
Reach Out Academy is an affiliate of DESA - the United Nations Department of Economic Social Affairs & is currently in the process of becoming formally recognized by UNESCO.

Reach Out Programs:

  1. Languages courses.
  2. Business Courses Workshops.
  3. Business Courses For professional Training Certificates.
  4. Kids Club.
  5. Internships.
  6. Cairo Arabic Institute.

About Languages:
Reach Out Academy’s languages department revolve around the idea of successfully training students to be more independent in their quest for learning a new language. We thrive to provide the best methodologies of learning a new language and we aim to constantly simplify the ways that students learn. We teach 6 different languages (English. Spanish, French, Italian, German & Russian) through native speakers. One of our main targets here at Reach Out Academy is: to focus on simplified Grammar and pronunciation with the help of our creative and native staff members. We have been very successful in providing the necessary skills to students in order to help them become the future leaders of tomorrow. As we all know, learning a new language isn’t easy. So, we specifically designed our language courses to meet the demands of today’s generation. Our workshops are interactive and equipped with fun exercises that help students to immerse themselves in their newly acquired language of choice.

About Business:
In 2012, Reach Out Academy organized and hosted its first Career Key Event at the American University in Cairo aimed at equipping future business leaders with the necessary skills that would help them on their road to success. Reach Out Academy generated an educational event idea to support young people to find the right way to create their own career by providing lectures in a particular business field. Reach Out Business Courses are educational seminars and interactive workshops which provide participants with career-specific skills geared towards the aspiring young professionals. Since 2012, Reach Out Business Courses has organized and hosted many events at AUC in different topics such as, Marketing, Sales, HR, Customer Service, Social Media and Project Management. These workshops have proved successful and the attendees were individuals seeking perfection along with corporate staff members looking to enhance their work portfolio. The hundreds that attended these events spoke highly of their newly gained knowledge and how it will be their futuristic tool to success and financial freedom. By popular demand from those professional individuals who attended Reach Out Business, it was asked to train corporates in-house (in their respective companies) to better suit everyone’s needs. After the programs proved successful, we created and trained corporate entities to help propel them in their quest for a better understanding of the markets they operate in. We have trained some of the biggest leaders in Egypt and we are constantly looking forward to work with companies that are on a vertically inclined mission of success.

About Kids Club:
We offer a large variety of activities to help stimulate the minds of the children in our care. Our program is organized for maximum fun and learning to ensure that your child enjoys each moment he/she spends in our care... Read More.

About Internship:
Reach Out offers internships to interested individuals who want to become involved in organizational work & training delivery. Internships run for a minimum of six weeks and are open to anyone passionate about NGO work... Read More.

About Arabic Courses:
Learning Arabic at Reach Out Academy is more than just studying grammar and vocabulary. We make sure that all students are able to acquire, use, comprehend and produce the language from the first day. Moreover, we offer a wide range of varied and fully comprehensive courses to enable our students to create their own personal curriculum.
We see it as our responsibility to not just create a high quality learning environment for our students, but also provide them with real life experiences. As a result, besides studying Arabic at our academy, you will also experience the Egyptian culture and lifestyle.
What makes Reach Out Academy stand out from other language institutes? Not only do we have 10 years of experience, we feel very passionate about offering a generous educational service in Egypt. We choose to give before earning by using a clear continual improvement process and therefore we can give our students a lifelong learning experience. Local Egyptians from a weaker socio-economic background have the ability to study at Reach Out Academy for subsidized tariffs. By promoting and encouraging everyone to learn, we directly contribute to the development of Egypt and its future workforce.... Read More.